5 tips to improve
your email marketing

The correct email marketing can improve your sales and customer relationships and increase your ROI.
Below are five tips you can follow to improve your email campaigns.

1. Test the message before general distribution

When we send out the newsletter, of course, we expect the subscriber to receive and open the email. If the letter is opened by at least one of the three addressees, this will already be a good result. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why the letter will not even appear in the “Inbox” of the mailing list subscriber. The spam filter may be to blame, immediately marking the letter as suspicious and sending it to the Spam folder. Also, it can happen even if the content of the email itself does not contain illegal content.

Before general mailing to the entire audience, it is recommended to check if the spam filter is blocking the message. We recommend confirming the domain, which is guaranteed to increase the deliverability of the mailing list.

2. Can recipients read the contents of the email?

You may have experienced a high open rate and a low conversion rate. In this case, you should pay attention to the letter’s content: is it dominated by text or images?

Even though images in the letter significantly improve its appearance and sells better than just text, you should be careful with them. Many email programs do not load pictures by default. The letter sender cannot influence this because this is the program setting. Additional action is required from the recipient of the letter to allow viewing the pictures. The mailing list should be dominated by text, and no more than 20% of the text should be on images. Otherwise, there is a risk that the letter will go to “spam” since the subscriber will not see any information in it.

3. Oversupply of information

Currently, the best open rates are with mailings that contain the least amount of text. They can also include one or more short stories to overwhelm the reader. You shouldn’t write long texts and combine much different information in one letter. It is difficult to read, and somewhere in the middle of the text will force the recipient to close the letter. In addition, many email programs (such as Gmail) truncate too long messages.

4. Linking the subject line of the email to its content

It is worth remembering that the subject line has a lot to do with the number of people who open it. The letter’s content should reveal its subject, or there should be some connection. Suppose the client opens the letter because he is interested in the topic, and the letter contains completely unrelated information. In that case, this threatens that your letters will become of no interest to the recipient, and he will no longer open them.

5. Send relevant information

Segment your contact lists according to the required parameters when submitting some campaigns. It will allow you to target the newsletter to users interested in it and avoid dissatisfied customers, to whom the information in the letter is not relevant.

These tips will help you improve the quality of your newsletters and increase your email marketing results.