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Affiliate network for webmasters and advertisers



We work with financial services such as:

CPA Stars is a platform that unites webmasters and advertisers to achieve mutually beneficial results for all parties.


How Cpa Stars works

We have many advertisers and are constantly looking for new ones who post their offers to us, including a description of the product, the desired target action, the amount of payment and a summary of the advertising campaign that should bring them leads.

We have many reliable affiliate webmasters and are constantly looking for new ones who use various channels and sources to attract traffiс.

We have Track Box software that helps us fulfil advertisers’ needs depending on their requirements, make clear reports, control the conversion rate, and create conditions to make the leads/traffic flow for both parties.

We conduct constant analytics of the work of all webmasters, find the most effective ways of cooperation for everyone, calculate the optimal payment conditions and determine the most profitable partnership schemes for advertisers.

Advantages of working with Cpa Stars for Advertisers:

Advantages of working with Cpa Stars for Webmasters:


Supportted Traffic sources for Webmasters:

The best traffic for advertisers and the best offers for webmasters!

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