What is CPA Marketing?

CPA marketing, or “affiliate marketing,” implies that a company trusts a partner to promote its product. If the partner brought the user and performed the target action, the partner receives a reward. Therefore, such a model is called CPA – Cost Per Action, which means “pay for an action.” Target actions can be different. As a rule, this is a purchase, but other options are also possible, for example, sending an application or installing an application. Depending on the final actions, different CPA models can be distinguished:

  • CPS – model (Cost Per Sale)
  • CPL – model (Cost Per Lead)
  • CPO – model (Cost Per Order)
  • CPI – model (Cost Per Install)
  • CPC – model (Cost Per Click)
What is a webmaster and partner network?

People or companies ready to promote a product through an affiliate scheme know the technology and know-how to launch traffic where needed. In the terminology of CPA marketing, they are called webmasters. They can own websites, blogs, or work according to the “buy cheaper / sell more expensive” method of advertising in various systems – in this case, and they are often called affiliate marketers.

An advertiser who wants to promote his product meets with webmasters on a special platform – the CPA network, also called partner platform, partner network.

The main goal of the CPA network is the same – to bring the advertiser and the webmaster together so that they work mutually beneficially.

Who is the CPA model suitable for?

CPA marketing is good for a simple product with a broad audience.

Is the CPA model suitable for you?
  • The product is aimed at a B2C audience and is suitable for online promotion.
  • Mass product.
  • The product’s price is competitive, and if the product also has bonuses (free shipping, gift), this is an advantage.
  • It is technically possible to install a pixel on your site.
  • Your product has wide geography.
  • The webmaster’s rate you are ready to offer is not lower than the market rate.